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  (一)Who Keeps Such a Grand Birthday?
  Five years ago Liu Dong and his wife began to work in America. Before they left China, they asked his mother to1their two-year-old son Liu Lu. Last August the old woman2her son. In the letter Liu Dong said he wished them to3with them in New York. Of course, the old woman and her grandson were both4and flew to the biggest city in the world soon after that.
  Mr Liu5his son English at home and the boy6a lot after a year. Now he can both speak and write. And he can7the American children in their building in English.
  Liu Dong sent his son to8school nearly four months ago. The boy has enjoyed9in the American school. He can catch what his teachers say 10 and do all his homework by himself. Now he 11several American children and he often plays with them.
  It was12 20 and Christmas was coming. Liu Lu came back and said,"We"re going to have a week holiday the day after tomorrow, Grandma."
   "One of my classmates will keep(qing祝) his birthday."
   " 14 ?" the old woman said in surprise. "Who"s going to keep such agrand(long重的) birthday?"
   "I don"t know," answered the boy. "I 15 his name is Jesus Christ(耶稣ji督)."
  1. A. get on well withB. take care ofC. catch up withD. operate on
  2. A. calledB. received C. heard fromD. heard of
  3. A. liveB. studyC. rest D. travel
  4. A. sadB. sorryC. worriedD. happy
  5. A. showedB. readC. taught D. asked
  6. A. forgot B. foundC. remembered D. learned
  7. A. talk withB. look for C. play withD. fall behind
  8. A. nearB. the nearestC. far D. the farthest
  9. A. herB. herself C. him D. himself
  10. A. in class B. at homeC. on his wayD. in the buses
  11. A. has known B. has made friends with
   C. has hurtD. has troubled
  12. A. SeptemberB. NovemberC. DecemberD. January
  13. A. whyB. whatC. whichD. whom
  14. A. SorryB. InterestingC. ReallyD. Wrong
  15. A. seeB. listenC. guessD. hear
  (二)The Thief"s Excuse
  Bill was the only son in his family. His parents1him to his sisters. All his family were often busy2him. They looked after him and he did nothing at home. He didn"t put his3into his studies and learned little at school. Later on his parents 4and his sisters married. He couldn"t live on without their help. At first his sisters found a job for him, but he thought it was5and left the factory. He sold his house and got some money. He had to6in the park in the night.
  About half a year he7it all on his food and clothes and the young man got into trouble.
  One evening Bill was so8that he couldn"t fall asleep. He was walking in the street to look for some food. He saw an old man9his bike in front of a shop and went in. He looked around and there was nobody there. He 10it away quickly. He went to a village the next morning and11it to a farmer. Since then on he began to steal in the town.

  He Opened My Mind
  He sat on the lawn, a hard cardboard lying before him, his dog squatting beside him. On the cardboard it wrote, "I"m in trouble, feeling very hungry and begging for your help."
  I was a woman who was easily moved when I saw someone need help. For my peculiarity, my husband both loved and hated. I pulled over our van, watching the man and his dog from therearview mirror. He was still very young, perhaps only 40 years old. He wrapped his head with a large handkerchief, just like a motorcyclist or a pirate. He was dirty with a scraggly beard. All he had was only a small parcel. No one stopped for him. I saw other drivers only see him once and immediately looked away.
  It was hot outside. From the man"s deep blue eyes, I saw his frustration, boredom and exhaustion, sweat streaming down his face.
  I reached into my wallet and produced a banknote of 10 dollars. My 12-year-old son Nick immediately knew what I was going to do. "Can I bring it to him, Mom?"
  "Be careful, dear," I warned him as I handed the money to him. From the rearview mirror I watched him running quickly to the man and gave him the money with a shy smile. I saw the man was shocked to stand up, take the money and put it into his pocket. "Great," I thought, "at least he can eat a warm dinner tonight." I felt satisfied and proud. Now I would go for my business.
  When returning to the car, Nick looked at me with sad and pleading eyes, "Mommy, his dog looks so hot. The man is really good." I thought I had to do something else.
  "Go back to tell him waiting there for a while until we come back in 15 minutes," I told Nick. He jumped off the car and ran to tell that stranger. Then, we drove to the nearest store and carefully chose gifts. "The things cannot be too heavy," I explained to the kids, "they must be the ones that he can carry." We finally bought something, a bag of dog food and two bottles of water as well as some fast food for the man.
  We quickly went back and found he was still there waiting for us. No one stopped for him yet. With trembling hands, I grabbed the shopping bags and moved out of the car, followed my four children, each of them with a gift. When we were walking towards him, I felt a flash of fear thrilling through my mind, hoping that he was not a serial killer, or any other dangerous man. I looked into his eyes and saw he was trying to hold back his tears like a small boy.
  I told him that I hoped these things were not too heavy for him, and showed him all the things we bought. When I took out the plate for water, he snatched it from my hand, as if it was made of gold. He told me before that he had no way to give his dog water. He put it down carefully, poured the bottle of water into it, stood up and looked straight into my eyes. His eyes were so blue, so nervous; when he said, "Madam, I don"t know what to say," my eyes brimmed over with tears. Then, he held his head wrapped with a large handkerchief in both hands and broke into tears.









  The Buffalo and the Tiger
  There was once a farmer who had a buffalo who was made to work in the field.One day the farmer said to the buffalo, "You are indeed a slow and lazy animal.Look at the tiger.How strong and fast it is."
  The buffalo was angry and said, "Master, take me to the tiger and we shall see who is stronger."
  His master only laughed, but agreed to take the buffalo to meet the tiger.When the tiger saw the buffalo, he was happy and said to himself, "Today I am going to have buffalo meat."
  The buffalo said to the tiger, "Mr. Tiger, my master thinks you are stronger than I am. Let us see if he is right. I shall let you bite me three times, but you must let me butt you three times in return."
  The tiger agreed and the buffalo immediately wallowed in the mud and covered his body with mud and leaves.
  Then the buffalo said to the tiger, "Mr.Tiger, I am ready." The tiger at once pounced upon the buffalo, but he could not bite through the buffalo"s thick skin and mud.
  The buffalo said to the tiger,"Well,it is my turn now.
  Then he threw the tiger down with the first butt and killed it with the second.The farmer was surprised by what he saw and after that he became very kind to the buffalo.
  James Cameron"s Avatar is inventive and smart, but it"s become such a huge success so quickly that one has to wonder if some larger cultural factors aren"t at work. Here are five theories:
  1. Escapism. The Great Recession fills our lives with endless drudgery, and this film is the grandest escapist fantasy out there.
  2. Corporate tie-ins. Fox masterminded a multi-faceted marketing strategy involving Coke Zero, LG, McDonald"s, Panasonic, and Mattel.
  3. Movies are making more in general. The main reason for this revenue swell is studios" improved ability to sell films to audiences around the globe.
  4. Conservative backlash. The Weekly Standard may have done Avatar a favor by calling it "anti-American" and "anti-human"—all PR is good PR, after all.
  5. Fox"s Internet savvy. The studio deftly responded to initial disappointment over the trailer by releasing a steady stream of online content to keep the conversation going.


  ( ) 1. He was late for school that morning, ________ ?
   A. wasn"t heB. was heC. did heD. didn"t he
  ( ) 2. She will have lunch at school, ________ ?
   A. doesn"t sheB. won"t sheC. is sheD. will she
  ( ) 3. She doesn"t talk much, ________ ?
   A. is he B. doesn"t sheC. did sheD. does she
  ( )4. The computer is very useful to us, ________ ?
   A. isn"t itB. isn"t the computerC. does itD. doesn"t it
  ( )5. There is going to be an English party this afternoon, ________ ?
   A. is thereB. is going thereC. isn"t thereD. did there
  ( )6. That is her dictionary, ________ ?
   A. isn"t thatB. is thatC. does itD. isn"t it
  ( )7. She has a brother and a sister, ________ ?
   A. hasn"t sheB. has sheC. don"t sheD. does she
  ( ) 8. He really must go now, ________ ?
   A. must heB. doesn"t heC. mustn"t heD. must he
  ( )9. You need a new bike, ________ ?
   A. don"t youB. do youC. needn"t youD. need you
  ( )10. Mary lost her pen, ________ ?
   A. didn"t sheB. didn"t MaryC. doesn"t sheD. wasn"t she
  ( )11. He can hardly believe it, ________ ?
   A. can"t heB. can heC. is heD. cannot he
  ( ) 12. Somebody told me about it yesterday, ________ ?
   A. did theyB. didn"t somebodyC. didn"t theyD. did he
  ( ) 13. We do morning exercises in the morning, ________ ?
   A. do weB. did weC. didn"t weD. don"t we
  ( ) 14. You have got nothing to say, ________ ?
   A. have youB. haven"t youC. had youD. you have
  ( ) 15. The Arab has never seen such a camel, ________ ?
   A. hasn"t heB. has the ArabC. did heD. has he
  ( ) 16. She does well in English, ________ ?
   A. doesn"t sheB. does sheC. did she D. isn"t she
  ( ) 17. He speaks neither Russian nor French, ________ ?
   A. can"t heB. doesn"t heC. does heD. aren"t there
  ( ) 18. There is little time left ________ ?
   A. isn"t thereB. is thereC. are thereD. aren"t there
  ( ) 19. She doesn"t much care for a car, ________ ?
   A. is sheB. does sheC. doesn"t sheD. did she
  ( ) 20. Somebody borrowed my bike yesterday, ________ ?
   A. didn"t they B. did theyC. did heD. doesn"t he
  ( ) 21. There aren"t thirty days in February, are there? No, _________ .
   A. there areB. there aren"tC. there doD. there don"t
  ( ) 22. You don"t think so, ________ ?
   A. don"t youB. aren"t youC. are youD. do you
  ( ) 23. They have never been to the Summer Palace, ________ ?
   A. have theyB. haven"t youC. don"t youD. aren"t you
  ( ) 24. Kate"s father will go to London for his holiday, ________ ?
   A. won"t heB. will heC. doesn"t heD. isn"t he
  ( )25. My daughter wants to learn popular music, ________ ?
   A. doesn"t sheB. isn"t sheC. does sheD. will she